27-10-2017 Continuing Connected Transactions - Further Extension of the Neptunia Sub-licence Agreement
27-10-2017 Appointment of Non-executive Director
02-10-2017 Resignation of Non-executive Director
05-09-2017 Notification Letter and Change Request Form
05-09-2017 Interim Report January to June 2017
26-07-2017 Announcement of the 2017 Interim Results
11-07-2017 Date of Board Meeting
28-06-2017 Voluntary Announcement - Entering into a Distribution Agreement with Wm. Magner Limited
19-06-2017 2016 Environmental, Social and Governance Report
28-04-2017 Appointment of Non-Executive Director
28-04-2017 Poll Results of Annual General Meeting
31-03-2017 Resignation of Non-executive Director
27-03-2017 Notification Letter and Change Request Form
27-03-2017 Proxy Form
27-03-2017 Letter to Shareholders
27-03-2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting
27-03-2017 Annual Report 2016
Clarification Announcement
Announcement of Results for the year ended 31 December 2016
Appointment of Independent Non-executive Director, Audit Committee Member, Nomination Committee Member and Chairman of Remuneration Committee
Resignation of Independent Non-executive Director, Chairman of Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee Member and Nomination Committee Member
Positive Profit Alert
Date of Board Meeting