Responsible Serving (For TRADE)

We have moral obligation to show care for our customers. Serving responsibly means making an informed and sensible decision in the prevention pregnancy-drinking, under-age drinking, drink-driving, alcohol abuse and other kinds of alcohol-related activities which would possibly harm the individual or the society. Here are some tips:

Equip your staff with knowledge of the different health and legal implications on the nature of serving and/or drinking alcohol beverages. Equipped with the knowledge, they can be a positive influence to your customers, save lives; and protect and grow your business. Our Beer Seminar provides training on serving responsibly and we would be glad to be part of your staff training program.

Prominent signage like "If You Drink, Don't Drive" and "We DoníŽt Serve Any Person under the Age of 18" can be simple and effective. Our Company endeavors that our products have message like "Enjoy Responsibly" on them.

Offer to call a cab, a friend or relative who will agree to bring your drunken customer home. This does not only apply to customers who drive but also to customers who may cause harm to him/herself or the society.

Anonymously or not, asking the help of police may actually not only save the life of your customer, but also the innocent lives of others.

Our Company is a founding member of Hong Kong Forum for Responsible Drinking, an organization that promotes responsible drinking in Hong Kong. To know more about FReD, please visit
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