Beer and Environment

Think about the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the beer you sell/buy. Try to reduce, re-use or re-cycle. Here are some tips:

The closer to home a beer is brewed, the better from an environmental, economic and social perspective. Within SMBHK¡¦s portfolio, we have 7 brands that are brewed and packaged in our Yuen Long brewery.

Draught beers are packaged in stainless steel kegs that are long-lasting and re-usable. Better yet, sell / buy draught beer distributed by SMBHK. The SMBHK draught beer system uses the CO2 carefully recovered from the brewing process in our Yuen Long brewery. By selling / buying our draught beer, you will be helping us reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Aluminum cans come second in terms of eco-friendly packaging as it has a high recycling rate in Hong Kong. Bottles in Hong Kong come last as it has the lowest recycling rate and most of them end up in the landfill. In SMBHK, we have a green design program which endeavors to reduce packaging materials and/or use eco-friendlier packaging materials without compromising the integrity of our products.

If you are in the business of serving beer, encourage your customers to drink from the can or the bottle. If you are a consumer, do away with glass. By doing so, energy and resources used in washing and drying beer glasses are totally avoided. Beside, it is so much cooler to drink from the bottle or can! SMBHK has stopped providing glasses or plastic cups in events that we sponsor.

When plastic cups are needed, please choose recyclable and degradable cups. In SMBHK, for events where plastic cups are needed because draught beers are being served or cans and bottles are not allowed for safety reasons, we use 100% degradable cups made from corn starch.