Climate Change Policy

San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd. (:SMBHK; or the :Company;) recognizes the threats that climate change may present to its business, customers, the industry and the communities in which it operates, and its responsibility in contributing to the improvement of climate health by constantly striving to strengthen the sustainability of its operations and products.

SMBHKis committed to managing risks and realizing opportunities associated with a changing climate through the continuous analysis, testing and assessment of its systems and processes, and the adoption of strategies aligned with global best practices to adapt to, mitigate and build business resilience against, the diverse effects of climate change on its operations.

In SMBHK, the Board of Directors (:Board;) is responsible for determining the Company・s approach and strategy to sustainability. The Board is aided by the Sustainability Committee (:Committee;), whose role is to make recommendations and provide inputs to the Board regarding the Company・s sustainability strategy and the effectiveness of its processes in implementing such strategy, as well as to supervise such implementation by formulating goals and targets, and developing action plans and programs. The Committee follows closely climate change updates and initiatives of the Hong Kong SAR government.

The following principles underpin the Company・s action plans in addressing the impacts of climate change, such action plans to take into account SMBHK・s business conditions and resources, as well as available technology and applicable regulations:

  •  Identify and address climate change risks and opportunities as part of the Company・s High-Level Risk Assessment;

  • Adopt industry best practices to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in SMBHK・s operations;

  • Raise awareness ofSMBHK employees, suppliers, contractors and customers on impacts of climate change;

  • Consider climate change in SMBHK procurement processes by incorporating standards relating to environmental protection in its selection of goods and services;

  •  Incorporate climate change into the Company・s business contingency or continuity plans.

SMBHK will review this policy annually, or as may be necessary as deemed by the Board or Committee.