Pair with Flair

There are many different styles of Beer and there will always be one that will go best with your food to create the perfect sensation. When we pair up food with beer, remember the three Cs – Complement, Contrast and Cleanse.

We match a beer that is similar in profile to the dish. A beer with subtle flavors will complement a lighter dish, while a beer with robust flavors will go well with a stronger and heavier dish. The intensity of dishes is characterized by how they are prepared and the flavors they possess. For example, a sparkling pilsener goes well with steamed chicken, while a pale ale goes well with curried chicken.

We match a beer that is in contrast to the flavor of the dish. The juxtaposition of different sensations on the palate can be quite intriguing but definitely equally satisfying. For example, serving a sweet wheat beer with a spicy dish can work to balance some of the hotter flavors of the meal.

Most beers work well at cleansing the palate for they are carbonated. It is of no surprise to find pale lager or pilsener the most popular in Asia because most Asian cuisines serve many and varying dishes all at the same time or consecutively. Asian’s choice of a sparkling unobtrusive lager positively maximizes the enjoyment of the diverse flavors found in their cuisines.



Alcohol intensifies the "burning" sensation of spicy heat; therefore,
beer is a traditional partner with the spiciest cuisines.