Beer Handling

Even with the best quality of beer, improper handling ruins its great taste. Handling beer the right way is just as important as the beer you serve!
Beer should be served ˇ§first-in-first-outˇ¨.
Beer should be stored in cold temperature. Avoid fluctuation in temperature, as beer subjected to temperature fluctuations tends to form haze prematurely.
Beer should be protected from direct sunlight. As light-struck beer produces sulphurous odor or "skunky" flavor. To limit the effect of UV light on the beer, incandescent lights are preferably used in warehouses, and amber-colored beer bottles are used.
Minimize agitation of beer, for agitation results in the formation of haze. Agitation also facilitates reaction of any dissolved oxygen in the beer which can result to oxidized flavor.
Maintain good housekeeping. Store the beer in clean, sanitary and well-ventilated area. Storage should also be free from stagnant water.